Flowers in Singapore

Flowers and wine always make me happy and therefore they are on my priority list of must have for the house.
Back in London I use to have cut flowers and orchids in nearly every room, including the kitchen and bathrooms.  When I moved to Singapore I thought that I would have to content myself with orchids now and then since the ones that I like can be quite expensive and they do not last as long.  However now I am very happy to know that I can have  whatever flowers I wish here as well.
Yesterday my friend Casey from Calla Bridal  took me to Thompson Road to help him to buy some flowers for our photo shoot on Monday (weather permitting) and I was amazed with the variety of plants, cut fresh and artificial flowers.  So of course I could not resist and get some for the house.
The hydrangeas remind me of my garden in London (I had a large amount of them at the front and back garden there)  and the roses …ohhh the roses…  they are just so beautiful specially in this pink bluish colour plus they cost only Sg$ 13,50 for a bunch of 20. How could I resist?
Last night I did not have time to display them properly so this was the first thing that I did this morning.
I hope you enjoy the photos. For a larger version just give them a click. See you soon and if I do not find spare time to return, have a vey good weekend!

Flowers in SG-8 Flowers in SG-7 Flowers in SG-9 Flowers in SG-6 Flowers in SG-5 Flowers in SG-2 Flowers in SG-1 Flowers in SG-4

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