La Favela – Bali

La Favela is not only the funkiest  or the most eclectic and spacious bar & restaurant in Bali.   It is an amazing place to be. It has a soul!  it brings back memories and it is an statement on how old walls and objects can be given life without loosing it’s shape or form and originality.
The exquisite decor inspired by the Brazilian ‘favelas’ has even impressed my son who is hardly ever impressed by anything that is not created by himself. He  made some very interesting remarks about the clever homely  way the walls and objects have been placed and displayed and its psychological effects on the customers :) . I guess that he is right since my 13 year old daughter could not stop admiring all the paraphernalia and my 9 year old daughter asked me we could live there at least for a while.
I am not going to write much more about it since the images (a lot of them) will do a better job.  But before leaving you with the images I would like to say a huge thank you to the nice owners of La Favela for taking their time to talk to me, show me around  and allowing me to photograph their new venture despite the fact that it was not ready to the public and they were at their busiest time trying to be ready for the opening shortly after.
Gonzalo (the main guy behind the concept and the amazing interior design) and Luigi (the guy behind the delicious food menu) have given an interesting interview to the I-Magazine.
Please note that these photos were taken when works were in progress and some of the walls have being given different colours and objects have been re-arranged during Gonzalo’s search for perfection.
Even though only the ground floor is opened to the customers  at the moment I have included photos showing the 2 other floors that are being prepared for the future.
Click on the images to see them larger. File sizes have been reduced for uploading optimisation.

La Favela-66 La Favela-67 La Favela-68 La Favela-70 La Favela-72 La Favela-73 La Favela-74 La Favela-75 La Favela-76 La Favela-78 La Favela-94 La Favela-91 La Favela-92 La Favela-90 La Favela-89 La Favela-87 La Favela-97 La Favela-98 La Favela-99 La Favela-102 La Favela-110 La Favela-107 La Favela-105 La Favela-104 La Favela-103 La Favela-112 La Favela-113 La Favela-114 La Favela-115 La Favela-116 La Favela-117 La Favela-118 La Favela-120 La Favela-121 La Favela-122

La Favela-124 La Favela-125 La Favela-126 La Favela-128 La Favela-129 La Favela-130 La Favela-131 La Favela-132 La Favela-133 La Favela-134 La Favela-135 La Favela-136 La Favela-137 La Favela-138 La Favela-139 La Favela-140 La Favela-141 La Favela-148 La Favela-149 La Favela-150 La Favela-147 La Favela-145 La Favela-144 La Favela-143 La Favela-151 La Favela-152 La Favela-154 La Favela-155 La Favela-156 La Favela-157 La Favela-158 La Favela-159 La Favela-160 La Favela-162 La Favela-163 La Favela-164 La Favela-165 La Favela-166



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